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Believe:  to accept as true!
By Michael Brown
After spending time with Lori I realized her technique
required a description that transcended the
conventional assumptions about 'the psychic
paradigm'.  This is because  Lori's entire approach is
beyond stereotypical clairvoyant models.  There are
thankfully no 'bells and whistles'.  If a label is
necessary, then Lori Hannel is a
highly perceptive
integrative intuitive.  
It is therefore recommended,
when entering a session with her, that one
entertains no agenda about what is supposed to
happen and how it is supposed to happen.  Simply
be open to what unfolds.

Lori's intuitive gift empowers
achieving peace in the
puzzle by skillfully putting together the pieces of the
Her work is conformational as opposed to
predictive-although insight about what is unfolding is
strongly present.  By weaving together a tapestry of
the past into a format that integrates one's
perception of it, she impacts ones approach to the
present and thus the future.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the experience  of
the reading itself- I discovered it is within the
aftertaste that the power of her work is revealed!
Time spent with Lori impacts ones life energetically.
I definitely felt
altered by the experience- which was
especially evident in the way I approached imminent
choices.  I did not know more about my future- but I
was more
confident in stepping into it.  This is the
POWER of confirmation.

Lori is a treat to spend time with!  An encounter with
her is HIGHLY recommended and constructive.  
Enter without a question and you will be vulnerable
to any required answer.

Review by Michael Brown, author of
August, 2008
Dear Mr. Olsen, ( editor, )

I'm sure you have plenty of email's and letters to read.  I'm hoping you won't
mind taking the time read mine, too.
I feel very fortunate to live in the small but beautiful Northern California Gold
Rush community of Murphys, California in the foothills of the Sierra's.  About a
year ago a friend and I were discussing that she had a reading by Lori Hannel.  
I was so intrigued by the things my friend told me that I contacted Lori and had
her do this for me also.  Years ago, I had someone
read tea leaves for me.  It was vague but interesting.  I was not sure what to
expect when I met Lori.  The reading tat Lori gave me was fascinating and the
information she gave me was ANYTHING but vague.  
Lori came to my house and it was if she was a long time friend that knew all
about me.  I had to remind myself that we have never before and the things we
were talking about, even our mutual friend could not have known!
My Mother ( who passed when I was seven years old ) came through and
mentioned three specific items that I have of hers .  Because of the years passed
and relocations and situations in life, I have minimal items or curios of my
parents.  Lori described each item and I knew exactly what they were!  One of
the items, an unfinished piece of embroidered cloth, had been long tucked away.  
My Mother, through Lori, let me know where it was and suggested that she
would like me to finish it one of these days and display it in my house...bcause I
have nothing to show of my Mother's.  In the back of my mind, I had always
wanted to do this, and now, I will!!
I had a box of tissue sitting out an at times both Lori and I had tears and were
using it.  Other times, Lori actually gets goose bumps on her arms because the
information being "sent" through is so right on!
Another particular event that Lori mentioned was that I would be asked to help
with a project with my art ( I am an artist ) for an upcoming event, in the
future.  About a month after the reading, I was at a barbecue and the person in
charge of the project was there and asked me to do the poster for their 2008
annual festival!  I was half floored and half knew she was going to ask.  The
person that asked me is not really someone in my close circle of friends.  It was
unusual that she was even at the barbecue and also, an extreme honor to be
asked to do this.
There are numerous subjects that Lori covered, too deep to go into, but the
experience was such a loving and meaningful encounter, I felt almost soaring by
the time Lori left.
I recently had a second reading with Lori, this time with a group of friends.  All
of our Mothers were "there" ( yes, they've all passed ).  Again, Lori was able to
get meaningful information to each of us!  Even with all of us women yacking!
In closing, I'd just wanted to share some of my experiences with Lori Hannel.  
She was like a Godsend to me at a time in my life that I was questioning things
that were going on around me.  I have a better view on life now and I am
reading more books and articles to help guide ME through this life!  Also, Lori
referred me to your website, which I find most enjoyable and helpful.
Bambi Papias, Murphys, California
Cliffs just outside of
Big Sur, California.
So majestic!  So
Dear Lori,

I had SUCH an
amazing, life
changing time...I
don't even have the
words or a way to
truly thank you for
the...RELIEF that I
I adored, adored,
adored meeting you!
And I can't wait to
sit with you again.
BIG hugs and smiles,
July, 2007
Hi Lori,
I just wanted to than you again for giving me back some
precious time with my
dear Scott; he was the best person I had ever known, your reading was so right on!  
Susie and I are still laughing, and that is EXACTLY what he wanted!  He was the
sunshine and light of my life, he raised me from the ashes and brought light to the
darkness in my life.  Life without him is so very hard, but HE IS by my side, so I
know I am not alone!  He was my best friend, the love of my life and in return I
was his, it took us both so long to find each other and so loosing him so soon was
just not right:  it was an accident and I know it was not his time, but that changes
nothing.  Thank you, thank you for letting me "spend some more time" with him,
answering the questions I needed answered.  You are a blessing to so many.  I pray
you find deserve such joy and serenity, as
this is what you give to all of
With much love and thanks,
Dear Mr. Olson, ( editor of )
I think you should be aware of a medium, Lori Hannel,
who has truly changed the lives of my family members,
and friends, and I hope you will take this opportunity to
contact her, as I truly believe many more people could
benefit by sharing her abilities.

I first met Lori over the phone, last August.  I had never
spoken with a Medium before.  Within
the first 30 seconds of our conversation, Lori began
relaying messages to me from my relatives!  I was
absolutely blown away by not only the messages, but her
description of the messengers physical appearances and
demeanors!  The information was detailed, specific,
ALWAYS positive, and endless!  I am constantly amazed
at how exact Lori can be!

I have since then, had many conversations with Lori and
have referred her to close friends and family, some of whom
have been in great pain from their grief, for a long time.  
Lori has had a positive impact on each and every one of
them!  She is ALWAYS considerate, supportive,
sympathetic, and caring of the individuals she is "reading"
for.  I hope you consider contacting her, for she has a lot to
L.Houston, Aspen, Colorado
Beautiful river in Colorado Mountains
July, 2008
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