There are several ways that you can  contact us, either to talk and
find out about the sessions, or to schedule an actual reading.  
Please feel free to use any of these options, which ever you feel
most comfortable with.  It's vital that you feel comfortable with
who ever you choose to sit with, for your reading.  You deserve to
be treated with compassion, kindness and honesty.  We will get
back to you as soon as possible.  We make it a priority to respond
to all requests and questions as quickly as possible.  We take great
pride in this!
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Lori Ellen Hannel:
PO. BOX 22
Hathaway Pines, California 95233

Please feel to use the form below for your initial contact, or by
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These are a few pictures I took on a recent
trip to the East Coast.  It was important,
to me that I spend sometime at the World
Trade Center site.  That day, spent at Ground
Zero changed my life..FOREVER!  I hope
someday to find the family of the man in the
above picture: I owe that to him.
October, 2007
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in the
Sierra's, just
above the
Valley, May,