Believe: to accept as true!
Flying over the Colorado Rockies, June 2008
People are always very curious about the sessions and throughout the
years, here are some of the most
"always asked" questions.  We are open
to any questions you may have for us and will always answer them as
honestly as we possibly can!  Unfortunately, when this
"gift" was handed
down to me, there was not a defining "rule book" for me to follow or use
as a reference guide.  Oh, there were books...but none seemed to capture
exactly what was happening to me and how I was delivering it to you.  
Believe me!  I searched and searched.  That's when I decided to follow my
own life's guidelines:  to be honest, to be grateful, to have empathy, to
laugh, to cry, and always strive to achieve the highest level of integrity:  
Protecting and respecting the words that I'm asked to share with you.  
And MOST be as normal as I can possibly be!  So let's
try and answer some of the most often asked questions!
Your most frequently asked questions!
Wilma's Tree as
Fall comes to the
Late September

For every
beautiful bloom
and brazen
hummingbird, I
smile and miss


NO!  I don't see anyone floating around!  I don't get any kind of silhouette
hovering over you or I.  Never anything remotely mystical or curiously strange as
that!  No smoke, no mist.  Nope!  What I DO get is their presence... I can
their body types, taste their favorite tastes, different smells, senses...feelings!  I've
been told that it's not unusual for me to take on
"their" postures, writing styles, the
way they would look at you! assured, it is ALWAYS me!  My body, my
mind, just doing my job interpreting.  
2. Can you hear them?

NO!  I don't hear them...not in the conventional way, but I DO and can get different
sounds from their memories, important sounds that they can somehow "place" into
my brain.  I can somehow "know" how their voices were...soft, loud, giggly,
scratchy, quiet, sultry, bold.  In other words, I can get all of the characteristics that
they choose to share and show me, but it's not like I have Verizon or
Cingular...with clear 1000% clarity. Imagine this: trying to do a 20,000 piece puzzle,
blindfolded, with NO idea what the picture is...and all the pieces are face down:  it's
my job to turn those pieces over and complete the picture for you!  It's not unusual
for you to come to me with expectations or questions and usually, by the time the
session is over, I'm able to have most those questions answered for you, before you
even ask them!   With the exception of one wonderful woman!  She was desperate to
find out the mystery ingredient to her Grandmother's stew!  I tried, LORD knows I
tried, but I just couldn't get Grandma to give up the secret ingredient!
3. Do I feel them?
Yes, but not the same way if I were to place my hands on your shoulders.  I can feel
their body types, I can feel their emotions, I can feel their personalities:  in other
words, I can
FEEL what made them be the person ( or pet ) that they were while
they were here.  I can taste their favorite tastes ( everything from Cigars, to
butterscotch candies, to applesauce, and of course...who could forget the man who
loved his canned sardines!  Could have lived without experiencing that taste! ).  I
can smell what they want me to smell; I can close my eyes and I'm walking through
or envisioning their favorite location.  This is one of the reasons why I LOVE being
able to read children that have passed!  I love being able to be part and experience
their precociousness, sometimes playful, unconditional loving, unpredictable
personalities!  I LOVE being able to help the children reconnect!
4. Do I ever get anyone for me?
Nope! Nada! Zip!  And I've lost some very close people in my life, people that I will
love endlessly.  My father passed away, my father-in-law, family members, close
friends, patients, my dogs...I GET NOTHING FOR ME!  But that's okay.  I think in
the "rule book", I'm not supposed to be able ( yet ) to have open communication, one
on one time with the people and pets that I love and have lost.  It's okay though, my
plate is pretty full handling all of YOUR people!
5. Do they stay with me?
Well, that's a very cool thing, because they seem to know when I'm getting tired (
lets say after a full day of sessions )and they just know when enough is enough.  I
rarely get people who want to "hang out" with's YOU that they're trying to
get to!  But I do get "hints" of them every once in awhile.  There is a VERY special
boy whose home was Colorado, there will be times when he will "pop" into my
brain.  It's as if I'm getting
his memories when I hear a song, or if I hear his
brother's name, a favorite basketball game memory...I know with complete
certainty that those are
his thoughts that I'm getting.  And when I do get these tiny
"hits"...I'm certain it's him because I always receive this amazing sense of
thankfulness, respect towards me...I wish more then anything, I could have met
him while he was alive.  But I feel blessed that he feels comfortable enough with
me to jump in when needed:  example...when I'm sometimes sitting with a family
who has lost a child.  I KNOW...I just KNOW that this boy will help bring the
child through.  It's hard to imagine, but I believe this with all my heart.   I can't
explain the how or the why of how "this" works, but it's like the air we breathe...we
can't see it or touch it, yet it surrounds us, we don't question it, and it's real.   That
is what it feels like, when I have a session with you.
6. Can I tape these sessions?
YES!! Absolutely!  But I will warn you in advance, I've gone through three
different, reputable, machines.   Sometimes they work, sometimes half the session
will tape...sometimes it's every three or five words.  So what I do now with EVERY
session, whether it's an in person or a phone session...I write everything down!   
Pages of notes.  I just ask that you forgive my spelling:  I get going and
unfortunately, there is not a built in spell check in my brain.  But, I've really
learned to love the writings...sometimes I have NO idea what it is I'm putting
down on paper, but by the end of the session, it all seems to have fit into place!  Not
uncommon for me to even sometimes actually start writing like the person who is
"coming through"!  Truly, these sessions are like having a pop quiz of your life!  
People you may have not thought of in years, Grandparents you barely knew,
neighbors you had as a child, friends who passed years ago...and anyone that
YOU'RE connected to!   It's almost like a domino set of life:  once they start falling
into place, and if they are aligned perfectly, the list just continues on and on and
on.  It's quite remarkable! And humbling for me!   I tell people, it will be the fastest
two hours of your life!      Don't be surprised if there are some things that come up
during your session that are "compass" types of statements: This would be
regarding things that are presently going on in your life:  family, relationships,
careers, your health...when these types of "present day" facts pop into a session... I
refer to them as
"me being a compass for you...possibly helping point you in the right
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