I do recommend and encourage the 90 minute sessions.  As follows
are the pricing / exchange structure:

** 60 minute session..... $ 100.00
** 90 minute session..... $ 150.00
** Two hour session..... $ 200.00

Please note that sessions going over two hours will be charged in
15 minute increments of $ 25.00 per each additional 15 minutes.
Group and Families
I enjoy and welcome family and group readings.  I recommend that the
group sessions are amongst trusting and close friends...family...loved
ones.  This is in a private and confidential setting, yet relaxed and
actually very comfortable!  If I feel that I'm receiving a "message" that
feels personal or might need some additional discretion?  I will always
make sure with everyone that it's okay for me to proceed:  nothing ever
just gets BLURTED out!  This comes directly from the people who have
passed, who want to protect the privacy of their loved ones.  Almost on
every occasion that this has happened, it ends up being comical...with
everyone laughing and smiling!  

I believe that it's often nice to have an extra set of ears to fully take in
what is being said...as sometimes the accuracy and details of what I'm
interpreting...translating, giving to you, is so specific, it sometimes just
makes peoples mouths drop!   I tell people it's kind of like having a pop
quiz of your life:  time is not an issue for "them" and they will bring up
memories, details that perhaps you haven't thought of in years!
Family sessions are truly some of the most rewarding readings that I can
give.  Especially if it's a child that has passed.  I've noticed that other
Mediums limit these types of sessions to shorter periods of time and to the
number of people who are present.  While I've never filled an arena, I
certainly have had up to twenty young people...sitting on couches, on the
floor, anywhere that they could  be comfortable!  And those sessions I
believe were some of the absolute best sessions I've ever had!

Everyone grieves differently, but to be able to give each individual
something personal from the friends, pets, or family that they have lost,
it's an extraordinary moment!  
Phone Sessions

Phone sessions can also be done.  I tell people that given the choice, I prefer
to have a person or people directly in front of me...so you can see me, how I
work, how NORMAL the sessions are!   There is a huge misconception
about "readings" and "sessions" that I am genuinely trying to break!  If it's
not an option to meet with you in person, then of course a phone session
can be arranged.  

The same "rules" apply.   I ask for a big chunk of time...I ask that if we are
on the phone, that you'll be sitting in a comfortable place, I take notes for
you and then send you the notes.  I take notes and write continually
during every single session!   I would book a time with you that you could
call me,  and we would sit with "each other".  Just via the phone lines!
Believe: to accept as true!
Mt. Sopris, Colorado May, 2008
Visits and travel
I am willing and actually love to travel for sessions! I have traveled
extensively throughout California and the U.S. , for example: Chicago,
Phoenix, Santa Fe, Orange County, San Diego, Long Island, New York,
Hollywood, Marin County, and the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado:
Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale. We love to talk to people, and will be glad to
answer all of your questions about the sessions.  This would be when we
could talk about how I handle my business transactions on the road i.e  
scheduling, travel arrangements, group sessions, etc.

I have traveled to many places and done readings for groups of people...yet
they were all actual individual readings.  In other words, it's not unusual
for me to fly into an area and have one person that will know of a number
of people that would like to have a session.  When we get an exact number
of how many will actually be having sessions, the travel expenses can
then be divided between that entire group, vs one person paying for the
entire travel expenses of the trip.

** Travel fees and expenses CAN be discussed and negotiated to best serve
all parties and is THOROUGHLY encouraged!  Honestly...we will work
with you in regards to these issues!
South Hampton's, New York 2007

Just outside of
Colorado July,
This was a
magical place
and a magical
time  in my life,
for which I will
always  be
Santa Fe Sunset, New Mexico
The thing
always happens
that you really
believe in: and
the belief in a
thing makes it

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Believe in your dreams
and they MAY come true;

Believe in yourself and
they WILL come true!

Anonymous, 1927